Practice & Equipment

Our practice is equipped with the greatest technology from SIRONA in Germany.

Most of our procedures from x-rays to Ceramic restorations are fully computerized. The x-rays also can be taken in a 3D image that gives us a huge advantage in diagnostics and planning!

If the planning is precise, the execution of that plan will be to its maximum potential.







Sirona Omnicam and Cerec AC Unit
Unrivaled handling, powder-free scanning and precise 3D impressions in natural color! Taking digital optical impressions is now so easy, intuitive and ergonomic. The natural color appearance will not only impress your patients.


Orthophos XG 3D
The most popular x-ray unit in the world. Now with 3D.

With a perfectly designed 3D cylinder volume of 8 cm in diameter and 8 cm in height and a standard resolution of 160 µm, ORTHOPHOS XG 3D is precisely tailored to the everyday routines of private practices: it can capture the patient’s whole jaw in a single span. The field of view is large enough to avoid the stitching of several 3D x-ray images and thus multiple exposure to radiation. Yet it is also small enough to be a time-saver in diagnosis.

If an even smaller volume is sufficient, then choose the 5 x 5,5cm VOL 2 with a resolution of 100 µm. Whenever you need to see more, the 3D module provides for greater safety. In all standard cases, the 2D module of ORTHOPHOS XG 3D, with extensive panoramic and cephalometric x-ray programs, delivers the x-ray image you need.

A radiant smile for a confident you.

It’s the first thing people notice about you – and when you feel good about it, it shows. Phillips Zoom gives you the radiant results you want with a variety of whitening options to fit your lifestyle. And when it comes to whitening – like with everything having to do with your smile – your dental professional is your best resource. That’s why only dental professionals have access to the professional-strength whitening of Philips Zoom.

Get your most confident smile today with the #1 most patient-requested professional whitening brand – Phillips Zoom.

Programat CS
Ideal ceramic and crystallization furnace for the dentist

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 25 June 2007

Ivoclar Vivadent has developed a ceramic and crystallization furnace for dentists. The Programat CS is an easy-to-operate, small furnace for the dental office. It is particularly suitable for glaze and crystallization firing of IPS e.max CAD LT blocks. The furnace features 20 programs and is very easy to use. Because of its small dimensions, the furnace occupies very little space in the dental office. Thanks to the vacuum function, more complex firing cycles with high-quality results can be conducted.

The Programat CS offers many advantages

The multi-functional unit can be used both for glaze firing and crystallization. The Programat CS enables convenient, reliable and fully automatic double-range calibration by means of the ATK 2 temperature checking set.

Seventeen individual programs offer enough program spaces for further ceramic materials. Short power cuts will not interrupt the program thanks to the Power Failure Safe function. In case of a vacuum defect, the Electronic Vacuum Control System (EVCS) will interrupt the firing process after the program has started.

Sirona Sirolaser Xtend
Laser therapy means state-of-the-art dentistry and modern patient care all in one. Due to the number of advantages, a dental laser should now be a standard feature of a modern dental practice.

Expand your treatment range with many pain-free alternatives and achieve better results, stress-free. Quick and successful use is provided by the intuitively operating lasers SIROLaser Advance and SIROLaser Xtend.

Sirona diode lasers – everything but stress.


X-Smart Plus Endo motor
The X-Smart Plus micro motor is a simple and easy to use unit designed for GDP’s carrying out rotary endodontics. It has a lightweight hand piece with a small head. The unit is compact and portable, operated without a foot pedal and can be battery operated. It has reciprocation for WaveOne and torque control and auto-reverse modes for continuous rotation instruments.

X-Smart Plus is the endo motor of choice for General Dental Practitioners performing root canal treatment with the reciprocating, single file technique or traditional continuous rotation file systems. It enables the practitioner to fully focus on the patient and the treatment due to its simplicity of use, as well as the excellent visibility and access with the miniature contra-angle attachment.

Wand® Anesthesia System
Milestone Scientific’s award-winning The Wand® Computer Assisted Anesthesia System combines patented, state-of-the-art-computer-controlled injection technology with the dentist’s training to achieve more precise injections, improved drug delivery and materially enhanced patients comfort levels.

Dental Professionals worldwide enthusiastically agree that the The Wand® computer Assisted Anesthesia System is profoundly changing the practice of Dentistry. Learn why dentist and patients agree that: “It’s the best shot I ever had” “It’s the best injection I ever gave”


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